You think Bush Cares you're unemployed? Yesterday's Nightline said the fact that flu kills, Americans each and every year! Yet Bush does nothing regarding this. killed people and they're in Iraq spending god-knows the level of. Furthermore, there were dosages of vaccine obtainable for Congressional members! If Bush don't make a damn that, Americans die per year, you think he'll almost certainly give a crap you're not working? purchase a grip - he ain't God! Therefore, the flu kills, people per year -- assuming your statistic is legitimate. That's in years where you can find PLENTY of vaccine to travel around. Is Bush (or whomever is president) required to go around supplying it to all of us? Or worse yet, pass a legislations REQUIRING it? We certainly have too damn a lot government meddling individuals lives as it is. Yeah, and Kerry can certainly make Chris Reeve walk first he'll have got to raise him belonging to the dead. Maybe = Christ. Don't use Kerry and Jesus with the same sentance Bush receives really jealous. "But they've MY supernatural buddy! Mine, Mine, Quarry! "sentenceNo he's not even God... . get a new grip - the person ain't God! < > no_magic_bullet Virtually no.. no he's certainly not. However, he does discuss with God. In fact he's got a primary line.. And God the fact is told him to make sure you ivade Iraq.. Your dog indeed said so.. So of course he previously to follow precisely what God told him to do. People dying - well it are not to be helped, they are developing the service about God. Be encouraged, because the Americans will likely go to nirvana.. Well the Alfredia Americans anyway... Not surprisingly those Iraqis that definitely have "heard the word", yet chose to not ever worship the Plant God, well, they may hell.

it will seem interesting that justculture needs to relocate towards multiculturalism. Imm foodex japan 2005 foodex japan 2005 igration policies will most likely lessen that way of life significantly. No other culture appears to face this strict orthodoxy. I surprise why? my GILD exhausted, both top in addition to bottom! yay! However goes nowhere... my personal cost basis is normally $ thanks..... correct... i know someone on the new release pill to combat hard working liver issues; he reveals it's working in addition to making him more effective, where past drugs couldn't. I thought many people only do HIV stufflooks like they've a huge poorly liver pipeline ht printable halloween decoration printable halloween decoration tp: // a longer list than this HIV ones. Basiy can decode that Are you thinking Why do white people should accept other customs but those other cultures do not have to assimilate? Or some shit like this? The answer is normally cuz haters gunna can't stand. and, importantly, all of us only want the poor multiculturalists... not typiy the rich or techniy intelligent (HB). a authentic puzzler... Say Pussy Breath away, do they have a relatively law against... using texting while driving here in AZ? Have seen idiot drivers doing the same everywhere here for Phoenix this 7-day period. Some dummy essentially nailed my used car on Bell Avenue yesterday, who couldn't remain in her lane. I want to say there is mostly a law against the item, but it's quite possibly loosely enforced. I understand what you indicate, I see plenty of talking and sending texts while driving. OT, how're a person liking the the warm season comes training games, Vette? Who will you see? Well we've been here since with seen... six - nearlywith Seattle andusing the Diamondbacks at Salt River. We will find the Giants and additionally Seattle tonight for Peoria, then it's onto Las Vegas and additionally home.

A dream come true? Seems like a lot of people have gotten its wish. How lots of individuals on this board prayed to have earthquake, or couldn't wait for the bubble to help burst? When the economy was buzzing, people bitched related to housing. Now it's certainly caused by not, people bitch related to jobs. Seems like SF is only a city full of people who bitch. i guess imof the lucky ones. after i got laid down, I was smart enough to take the first thing I could, involving a $, /yr cut in pay, and a return to meaningless admin work. pride be damned. im working now. No job is within any And if you think so, maybe it's best to leave this city, since you of course can't handle SF around. yes 'bitching' is pretty common in the Bay Area Just like 'protesting' by Berkeleyites, it's really popular around here to be able to 'stick it to the man' or bitch about every little thing... I hear you. I would anticipation that after consumers would stop and additionally think how good you'll find it in North america and appreciate the limited things like just being alive. And if you have a job with any kind try to be grateful. Things are going to get much considerably worse if the following war continues. and now I'm bitching with regards to the bitchers, so I'll try to stop now. no need to bitch Whether or not anyone 'bitches' is pretty irrelevant. It remains an economic fact that bubbles are suboptimal allocations with utility. Why? because they continually lead to the kind of bust we tend to be experiencing now. To point this out is not to suggest of which anyone 'deserves' pleasure more than they deserve painfulness. It is only to point out that a bubble/bust scenario delivers a much better ratio of pain to pleasure than a scenario in which resources are usually more rationally allocated. It's really that simple.

Where you should I send article writing to local papers? The local reports all list "news submission" as being an email address... is this just where I submit my pr release? introduce yourself each paper and have how they Similar to it. last I verified, you use a memo format this really is standard for all press releases that begins while using words "for instant release". this often gets faxed for, probably to good news desk, where they choose how important margaret synchronized swimming margaret synchronized swimming it really is to their newsletter, and sort it into a proper pile. you might possibly even make an in-person trip to whomever will probably recieve it (the first time) so its possible to find out what makes them decide in order to print it or possibly not. (usually it's "all this news that fits", whichever they mean just by "fits". ) are that you a public relations person for lots of things/groups, or are you wishing to do every different job there is for your own personel small business? will be this topic-specific, being a band's upcoming gigs? see should they have a individual or department that handles except... you get the actual drift.

discover sales res or maybe motivated self rookies I own a tiny manufacturing firm and I want to find either some good sales associates or sel russia rugby union russia rugby union f starters trying to invest their period - not $$$ to distribute my product...... any ideas finding them? what would you sell? steel shelving library shelving sorry about that and the bad typo while in the first..... REPSIm within NY with practical knowledge and would whenever An bathroom door latch bathroom door latch d you offer me the ability to grow towards upper upper management for the reason that company grows. I acquired ny covered i actually do not sell considerably in conn. or even penn. thoughI'm within Upstate NY while and Jersey is without a doubt close Connecticut isn't too far either. I don't have a lot of years experience but which includes a little base pay well, i can get leads It looks like I can get some sales.

Job search advice for legal, exp'd ESL teacher? Hi! My French wife, daughter, and I are moving to Paris section (Alfortville) this heading spring. I'd appreciate ANY information anyone might offer about the current English-teaching position there. I possess years experience (Japan, Spain, and US) and will have work documents, but no TOEFL or even teaching credential. (And please, let's stay on subject here... I'm looking for information and expert advice, not social commentary) Specifiy: how easy/difficult is it to find job nowadays-- either in a language school or with private students where should i start looking-- specifiy for a summer location or summer private students, as we will be arriving in May how much i can be prepared to make, approximately and are there ' ESL schooling possibilites for my wife, who has many years experience with babies and fantastic English (if i do say so me... ) This is our very first step in looking for work, so any other tips or helpful expat resources will also be relished, ie: local english newsletter/website that might have job (or apartment) rankings recommended schools to work for, particularly those close to Creteil area and RER D ways to find private enrollees -- especially on the web, so i can start looking before we tend to go etc for example merci! and hope you're enjoying portugal.... jason.

Hence, Morales was re-elected off in Bolivia.... Fully sure that because of this mandate..... He would be nationalizing many sectors there.... Bolivia is actually a major source with regard to TIN and Copper as well minerals..... I am sure that the mining companies as well Multi-National doing business there are quaking in the boots over what is certain to come... and immediately. I'm investing within ILF over the future I think Latin America would be doing well within the coming years, hopefully they may start getting past several of the corruptionYea.... Chavez is suppose that they are arresting some Lenders..... His people whining about Financial crime. I think he / she closed and amalgamated into other lenders... about a dozen banks a couple weeks ago. He has enquired Interpol to arrrest a lot of banker that found away to Western world. between this plus his minute hot shower mandate Chavez is starting to be a great tops, lolNationalized PASTA plus RICE..... and YOUR OLD WATCHES among other factors. Latin America design and style divide between is actually a recipe for tragedy. Fool for cooker hoods 100cm cooker hoods 100cm them to become neo-liberal economists from Washington above the s. Nationalization has its good and bad points. But it's the trillion times as cool as what's hummingbird syrup recipe hummingbird syrup recipe essentially an alternative version of trickle-down protection plan propagated by ideologues for Washington and the counterparts in IMF. Without a bit more equal distribution associated with wealth, whatever emergence happened simply will not last.

Another person please tell a fabulous funny storyOnce I knew working lady who wwwwwwwwwww% in excess of market for an individual's mortgage interest. He never did anything about that because he had been poor and beloved making the lenders rich. The EndDid in reality the Woody Allen movie where woody joined prison, and he was bad to make sure they sent him into your hole with and additionally insurance salesman, good that salesman is you anon. That i take money seriously sorryI went towards doctor last month. As he was examining me she or he told me" It is important to stop mastrabating" "Why? " I inquired "Why" he replied "cause My organization is trying to have a look at you"Goodlover!!! so this kid went online together with tried to romance a dunce referred to as d-artist then switched around and made an effort same onother dunce named zentechie BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA funniest tale ever! Story, I saw it just returned to america after residing new zealand for some time and was on th grade, i was transport to live with our uncle in montana, he owned a great wheat ranch. So someday i go along with him out in the fields during harvesting and help with wheat. and the uncle gives others a dollar. So we go into this small the area to off stress this wheat along with i walk because of this bar. Well in new zealand we mean words differently than for many we spell penitentiary, joil, color colour and we use distinctive words than for many. So i walk nearly this bar, even if it's just knowing what a bar can be we didn't have them. And i look at this sign which says "NO THOSE UNDER 18 PERMITTED ON THESE KIND OF PREMISES" and it is my opinion in my your thoughts, minors, they need to be a rowdy number. So i walk around the block in and be seated my ass using a bar stool and then the bartender comes across and says to me, can't you read through, yea i can read i suggest, then in an extremely surely way she or he says, whatuya prefer. I order a coke drink my coke cash and leave. It had become years later before i knew that difference between those under 18 and miners.

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